Monte da Amoreira (Agro-Tourism)

Barely 100 metres from the walls of the Quinta de Santo António, within the Amoreira estate, rises the Monte da Amoreira, once a support venue for hunters, it has been transformed into an agro-tourism site now constituting a noteworthy landmark of the Alentejo hills.

The 6 apartments and 4 rooms that comprise the Monte da Amoreira are low-lying, whitewashed and contoured in yellow and oversee the surrounding tilled fields, vineyards and olive groves.

The accommodation is split into 2 categories: rooms and apartments. You may choose to stay in one of the 4 twin rooms or in the apartments(T1, T2 or T3), some of which have a kitchen.

The Breakfast, Bar and Restaurant services are available every day at the Quinta de Santo António Inn.

Guests may enjoy all the venues and activities that Quinta de Santo António has to offer.

Monte da Amoreira